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Tate Langdon

So today I just realized something.

I am the type of person who gets emotionally attached to a character. Rather it be video games, movies, TV, books, or anime. I get attached to a character that touches my heart in many ways. So I’ve been obsessed with Tate Langdon for about a week now. Why? Because his character is creepy as well as beautiful? Beautiful? Just because his character has done fucked up shit in the show it doesn’t meant that much to me. What really got to me is the love he had for Violet. THAT was the very thing that was true and honesty.

Tate is a character that was put up on a high expectation from his mother. She wanted him to be the golden child. The perfect son which Tate could never fill those shoes. Which drove him farther away from his mother until his breaking point. Yes, he killed alot of people but when Violet came into the picture he wanted to do good. He was not given the chance because of his past. Thus, granting an eternal life with his wrong doings.

I talked about this on the phone with my boyfriend and I could not stop crying. I am so emotionally attached to Tate Langdon that it hurts. I don’t know why but I am.

I relate to his character apart from behind a physco path.


I had so much fun experimenting my skills on Sony Vegas Pro 12. My style has advance since 2010.

*Overlay is not mine*

Not sure if I want to continue it though. Should I?



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